Aurelius Polion Letter · Tebtunis Papyri

Aurelius Polion Letter · Tebtunis Papyri

The Tebtunis Papyri
A letter written 1800 years ago by a homesick Egyptian soldier

Adressed to his mother, a bread seller and his siblings, the heartrending words of an Egyptian soldier named Aurelius Polion who served in the Roman legion as a volunteer.

“I pray that you are in good health night and day, and I always make obeisance before all the gods on your behalf. I do not cease writing to you, but you do not have me in mind. But I do my part writing to you always and do not cease bearing you (in mind) and having you in my heart. But you never wrote to me concerning your health, how you are doing. I am worried about you because although you received letters from me often, you never wrote back to me so that I may know how you (are).”

It is clear how much the soldier longs for his family, he is sad and complains that he has not received any letters back.

This papyri was found 1899 in the temple komplex of Tebtunis and is now in the Bancroft Library at the University of Califor-nia, Berkley. The entire message was composed mainly in Greek when Egypt was under Roman rule. Aurelius was a soldier nof legio II Adiutrix, stationed in Pannonia Inferor, today Hungary.


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1 Dollar
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