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Breaking news · purposeful into the future!

The GRAVURA Kunstpräge GmbH and the Huguenin SA are working together in the future.

Both traditional swiss companies are bringing their operations from Huguenin SA, Gravura Kunstpräge GmbH, Helvetic Mint AG and the HF MetalArt PVT Ltd. under one roof.

Both companies, which are very well known and anchored in Switzerland and internationally, will remain as independent companies. The goal is to consolidate and expand the market postion of each company. The joint effort creates a broad-based foundation that allows Swiss production to be concentrated in Rothenburg, while expanding internationally in India. Through the collaboration of compentence and innovation, the daily operation will be brought together and further developed in order to be successful in the future market.

Prepared for the Challenges of the Future

Developments in the markets require a realignment in thinking and a future oriented approach. In addition to the ever-increasing demands for competence, quality, work safety and environmental protection, the ever-changing requirements are a major source of investment in cutting-edge technologies. For small and medium-sized business (SMEs) it is a constant challenge to keep up with all these developments. The new Global Coin Mint Cooperation (GCMC Group) has the size and strength to face these challenges and successfully overcome them. Its aim is to take a leading role in professionalism, quality and innovation and to be the first choice for customers.

Merger of Common Responibilities

One place where innovation, versatility and tradition come together. This is only achieved by companies that focus on quality, innovation and creativity. The headquarters of the companies as well as the Swiss production will be Rothenburg. The modern infrastructure, modern production processes and the professional competence of the experienced employees form the basis of this decision. Through the convergence of the machines and the common know-how at one location, future investments in the latest machine technology will achieve a higher efficiency, which is a long-term strategy and a clear commitment to Swiss industrial center.

As a result of the 100% own production location of the HF MetalArt PVT ltd. in India, the Group is able to offer a product, a performance and price range in every desired segment of minting and etching technology. The company will be in compliance in the areas of environmental and occupational safety under Swiss standards, as well as under the principles of the IAO and the ILO. The ILO DECLARATION ON SOCIAL JUSTICE FOR FAIR GLOBALIZATION is the basis for action here.

Ownership of the respective companies remains the same as is

The tradition of the two entrepreneurial families Faude and Sapper will continued under the name Global Coin Mint Cooperation, with 150 years of joint experience in the production of coins, medals, plaquies and awards. Both families will remain sole shareholders of their companies as well as the Global Coin Mint Cooperation (GCMC) holding company, in order to lead the company and all employees in a successful future.


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